If you’re a commercial property owner, you should already know that your building’s critical infrastructure needs constant attention. However, since it’s all but invisible in most buildings, plumbing infrastructure often gets ignored. Of course, that’s until a plumbing problem turns into a costly and expansive disaster that you’re forced to deal with. To avoid that, keeping up with your building’s regular commercial plumbing maintenance needs is essential. Here are all of the ways that doing so can have a positive impact on your property and bottom line. We’ll also cover what kinds of regular maintenance services make the most financial sense for your building.

Early Detection and Repair of Plumbing Problems

The most obvious reason that regular commercial plumbing maintenance makes sense is that it increases the odds that you can find and fix plumbing problems before they turn into emergencies. That will prevent building closures that might result from unexpected plumbing emergencies. It also helps you to contain your overall costs because routine, non-emergency plumbing repairs don’t cost as much. And, it avoids unplanned disruptions to your tenants, which they’ll be sure to appreciate.

Reduce Costly Parts Replacements

Regular commercial plumbing maintenance also helps to keep your building’s plumbing infrastructure in better overall condition. That means your building’s pipes, fixtures, and other plumbing will last longer than it otherwise might. This will help you to avoid the need for costly parts replacements and extend the useful service life of all of your building’s plumbing assets.

Increase Efficiency and Lower Water Costs

Keeping your commercial building’s plumbing in good repair also helps to maximize its efficiency. That can help you to keep your building’s water costs in check. Things like small, unnoticed leaks can add up to massive costs on your building’s water bills. Plus, regular maintenance provides an opportunity for your plumber to suggest efficient upgrades to your building’s plumbing that might save you even more. Simple steps like replacing wasteful fixtures with newer low-flow models can have a major impact on your building’s ongoing operating costs.

Improves Overall Reliability

In every case, commercial plumbing is at its best when you don’t notice it. That means it’s doing its job reliably and not experiencing repeated problems. Regular commercial plumbing maintenance helps your building’s plumbing infrastructure to remain reliable — and therefore invisible. That’s not only good for your building and the people inside it but for your building’s long-term bottom line as well.

Avoiding Property Damage

Your building’s plumbing, along with its electrical infrastructure, is one of only a handful of things that can create massive damage to your property if something goes wrong. As evidence, look no further than the fact that water damage-related insurance claims are the second most common type of claim in the US, just after wind and hail damage claims. Every time your building suffers water damage resulting in an insurance claim, it can drive up your insurance premiums for years to come. The good news is that regular commercial plumbing maintenance is an inexpensive way to prevent plumbing issues that result in significant damage to your property. Therefore, they’ll help you to keep your building’s insurance costs in check, too.

Increasing Tenant Satisfaction

As you know, the key to commercial property profitability is keeping your building’s occupancy stable. That’s because every month that you go without a tenant is a month when you’re spending money and not making any. Keeping tenants happy and reducing turnover is a critical way to safeguard your bottom line. Regular commercial plumbing maintenance helps you do this by preventing any inconveniences to your tenants or any disruption to the services within your building they depend on. Without it, regular plumbing problems in your building could force your tenants to explore their options rather than continue accepting sub-standard building services.

The Major Elements of Regular Commercial Plumbing Maintenance

Now that you know why regular commercial plumbing maintenance is so vital, you should also understand what’s involved in it. The main ongoing task involved in the process is a schedule of regular facility inspections to assess the condition of your building’s plumbing and fixtures. For most buildings, a once yearly inspection is all you need to stay on top of your building’s plumbing needs. However, if your commercial property’s viability is especially dependent on its plumbing, biannual inspections would be advisable.

During each inspection, a plumber will look for signs of leaks, corrosion, and rust. Then, they’ll inspect the operation of your building’s drains. They’ll also examine your building’s hot water system and your building’s water pressure. The idea is to look for signs of abnormal wear and tear or small malfunctions before they have a chance to turn into large ones. Based on what they find, your plumber can then draw up a maintenance task list to address whatever problems exist in the order of their importance.

The next major element of regular commercial plumbing maintenance is the scheduling and completion of regular maintenance tasks. This includes regular cleaning, minor repairs, and preventative maintenance. This is the part of the process that resolves any outstanding issues identified during your building’s plumbing inspections. For example, if your inspection found malfunctioning faucets in your building’s restrooms, replacing or repairing them would fall under this part of the regular maintenance process.

The final element of the regular commercial plumbing maintenance process is the recommendation of targeted efficiency and reliability upgrades. This is a collaborative process that allows you to work with your plumber to chart the future course of your building’s plumbing. This may include major infrastructure items like the replacement of hot water systems to the remodeling and modernization of bathrooms and other water-related facilities in your building. This can help you to keep your building’s plumbing up to the latest standards, which can give your property an edge in the market.

Commercial Plumbing Specialists

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