While you might not be a professional plumber, it doesn’t mean that you can’t handle a burst pipe like one. The key is to keep your cool while you take steps to assess and mitigate the damage that a broken pipe can cause. After you have triaged the problem, you should then call a plumber who can fix the issue in a timely and adequate manner.

1. Turn the Water Off

Whenever you’re dealing with a plumbing leak of any sort, your top priority should be to turn the water off. Although doing so won’t prevent water already coming through the pipe from getting out, it does prevent additional water from reaching the breached area. This will minimize the amount of moisture that gets on the basement, kitchen or bathroom floor, which minimizes the damage that can be done to your home.

Ideally, you would identify the main water shutoff location as soon as you move into your home. It’s also a good idea to find out if your toilet, kitchen sink or other appliances have their own shutoff valves.

2. Start Drying Out the Impacted Area

While you may be tempted to fix the broken pipe first, it’s generally best to address the moisture situation as quickly as possible. This is because even an inch or two of water can cause serious damage if it’s allowed to linger on floors or other surfaces.

Furthermore, the longer moisture is allowed to linger in a given space, the more likely it is that you’ll deal with mold or mildew growth. In some cases, it can fester in drywall or other spaces where you’ll have limited access to remedy the problem.

Typically, a burst pipe will contain clean water that you can remove on your own. However, there is a chance that it will contain human waste or other hazardous materials. In such a scenario, you’ll want to have it removed immediately, and you will ideally call a professional who is trained to handle contaminated water.

Depending on the water depth, it may not be possible to start repairing the pipe until it has been removed. Therefore, getting out the wet/dry vac should be the first thing that you do before finding the source of the leak. If the water is relatively shallow, you may be able to simply scoop it up with a bucket or take care of it by putting a few towels on the ground.

3. Ensure Adequate Warmth and Airflow

In a desert climate, temperatures inside of your home shouldn’t get cold enough to cause a pipe to freeze and burst. However, during the winter season, it can become cold enough for this to happen outside. To prevent additional damage that could cause another pipe to burst, take precautions to insulate areas where temperatures could get dangerously low.

You can also open cupboards or take other steps to improve airflow, which will minimize the risk of moisture freezing solid. Another idea might be to put heat tape on the pipes themselves to boost their temperature for a day or two until a professional is able to get to your house and make a permanent repair. Tape may also be sufficient to fix smaller cracks or holes that appear in other pipes until a professional is able to get to your house.

4. Call a Professional to Make a Repair

Once you have the situation somewhat under control, it’s time to call a plumber to fix your pipe. It may also be necessary to call a plumber to actually determine where the leak is coming from before any repairs can be made. This is because the broken pipe isn’t necessarily in the same spot where the water is coming from.

Regardless, after the source of the problem has been found, a professional will be able to install the proper item in a relatively short period of time. An exception may be if the pipe is located in an area that is hard to access, which may require cutting into drywall.

After the new pipe is put in, you can turn the water back on to ensure that everything is functioning as it should. If there are any issues, whoever is working on your home can continue to troubleshoot potential problems until solutions are found.

The Benefits of Calling for Help

While it may be tempting to repair a broken pipe on your own, there are several reasons why you should seek assistance. For instance, if you have an existing service or maintenance plan, the cost of the repair may be partially or fully covered by your monthly payment.

Therefore, you can have professional work done without spending a lot of time or money. In addition, if you make a mistake while attempting to do the work yourself, it could result in additional damage to your house. You may be liable for the cost to repair that additional damage even if you have homeowner’s insurance.

It’s also important to consider that you might hurt yourself trying to fix your home’s plumbing system. The risk may be even greater if the pipe is located in a tight spot or if it is located near a wire or other electrical components as water and electricity don’t mix well. Ultimately, it’s best to seek help from someone who has the tools, experience and knowledge to do the job safely and right the first time.

How to Avoid an Emergency Situation in the Future

There are many signs that a pipe has burst or may be about to burst. First, you may notice a change in water pressure, which indicates that there is a possible issue with a pipe or other plumbing system components.

You may also notice changes to your water bill, which indicates that water is flowing somewhere even when a faucet isn’t running. In some cases, you’ll actually see your water meter changing even when you aren’t using the kitchen sink, taking a shower or washing your clothes.

Finally, you may see mold or other stains on walls where water is present. At a minimum, you’ll want to have this checked out to prevent mold or mildew growth or other issues that moisture may cause even if you aren’t certain that a pipe has burst or otherwise caused damage.

If you notice these problems in your home, it’s a good idea to seek a professional’s opinion immediately. The sooner you act, the easier it will likely be to fix the issue and the less expensive it will be to resolve. Depending on the source of the issue, it may be possible to file a homeowner’s insurance claim or pursue a warranty claim if the leak was caused by a prior contractor’s error.

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