When you turn on a faucet in your home, you’re expecting to have fresh water come out of your pipes, right? This is your sense of normalcy in your home and if this doesn’t happen, then you’d assume that something was wrong. If this is what you’re experiencing, then you’re having trouble with your main water line. You wouldn’t want to live in a home like this and we wouldn’t either. If anything starts to go south with your main water line, you can come to our professionals.

At Bumble Breeze we specialize in water line repair, water line replacement, and water line maintenance. We offer a 1-year warranty on all our services, as well as a 5% discount on repairs for military, first responders, educators, and seniors! You want to make sure that you have professionals that care about the service that you perform and that’s our team. We make sure that every one of our technicians can perform the service you need.

Just give our team a buzz to schedule main water line services in Las Vegas and the surrounding area.