To ensure that your heating and air conditioning system is operating well, you’ll want to have them inspected regularly with maintenance checks. An HVAC system that operates well means one that operates at the lowest possible cost, with a reduced need for repairs, and with an extended lifespan.

The Bumble Breeze Barry Bumbleton Club Membership is a comprehensive HVAC maintenance program for any of our customers in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. You’ll see that our maintenance program is hard to refuse, as it offers substantial discounts, warranties, and benefits not available to regular customers.

Contact our team today to get started with a Las Vegas HVAC maintenance plan you will love!

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How Can I Benefit From the Bumble Breeze Club Membership?

Starting at only $12.95 per month, you will receive:
  • Two A/C Tune-Ups to cover you yearly for both heating and cooling seasons
  • Eco-Pet Friendly condenser coil cleaning
  • Whole Home plumbing inspection
  • Water Heater flushing
In addition to a substantial list of benefits:
  • 10% Off New Units
  • Up to 20% Off Repairs
  • 10% Off Duct Cleaning
  • Priority Booking
  • Free diagnostic
  • 100% Money-back guarantee on all services
  • Free estimates on all indoor air quality products
  • 5 Year warranty on all services
  • One free duct inspection
  • Free estimates on all new equipment
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To learn more about how to sign up for our Las Vegas HVAC maintenance program, give us a buzz or fill out our form to contact us today.