If your heater has been acting up all winter season long, then you might want to consider a heating upgrade. We understand that you’re probably not smiling ear to ear when you hear the phrase “heating upgrade.” It’s not a term that many people want to hear because it typically comes along with stress, a long period of waiting for an upgrade, and many expenses. Instead, our professionals can help you with your heating upgrade in Las Vegas, NV.

If your heater has been giving you grief all winter long, we don’t want you to spend another second struggling with it. Upgrading is easy as long as you have professionals like ours to perform the work.

You Should Upgrade When…

We know that your heater can’t walk up to you, tap you on the shoulder, and tell you it’s time to go. These are the signs that you should upgrade your home’s heater.

Your Heater Is Old

How old is your current heater? If your current heater is between the ages of 10 and 15, then it’s all too likely that you’re not getting the efficiency you need from this system. Older heaters typically have a decrease in efficiency in their later years. This is because a heater is only supposed to last you around a decade to 15 years. Trying to run your dated heater like it’s brand new has consequences–it can affect your comfort. If you need a new heater, we’re the ones who can help you get it.

Your Heater Is Expensive

Is your heater expensive? Your monthly heating bills should be something that you can expect to have a regular cost. If you notice that your heater is far too expensive every month and you’ve already made attempts to improve your efficiency, then it’s time to contact us.

You Hear Odd Noises

No heater is silent, but it shouldn’t be a system that you can describe as “loud” either. If you can, then it’s time to upgrade from your current heater to a new system. Odd noises that you might notice are things like grinding, banging, or scraping. Any noise you hear that’s new or loud is a great reason to call us.

You Notice Irregular Run Times

Have you noticed that your heater has started to run oddly? Maybe the run times you notice are extremely long or extremely short. In either direction, the problems that you’re facing are a symptom of your home’s inefficiency. Time will only allow this problem to worsen. This is why we suggest intervening as soon as possible. You can talk about replacement options with us.

You Have Constant Repairs

Have you noticed that the heating problems you experience come like clockwork? No one is immune to heating problems, but if you notice that you’re having heating trouble every single winter, it’s worthwhile to consider replacement services. Repairing your heater this often is financially impractical and inefficient. We’ll install a new heater that gives you less grief.

Contact Bumble Breeze when you’re ready to upgrade your home’s heater. Give us a buzz!

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