Although the winters here in Las Vegas can be mild, that doesn’t mean your heater takes a break. On the coldest days of winter, you need your heater working at its best to keep your family comfortable and your home warm. Even with gentle use, your furnace is going to face problems at some point. It may be next month, next year, or even five years from now.

But some common furnace problems are easy for us to identify and fix before they get too bad. Addressing problems early can prevent the need for more extensive (and expensive!) repairs down the road. If you suspect that you need furnace repair in Las Vegas, our team can help. Keep reading to learn more about the 3 major furnace repairs that you simply cannot avoid.

Your Thermocouple Goes Bad

This particular part is a safety valve that helps to control how gas flows into your furnace. Too much gas is bad because it increases your risk of combustion. Two little gas is bad because it cannot effectively heat your home. The thermocouple ensures that levels of gas are just right and that you want it to function properly. If the thermocouple malfunctions, gas may not be able to enter your heater, and the system won’t turn on.

At the same time, if too much gas enters the system, you may hear a loud booming sound when the gas lights and combusts or you may begin to smell an unusual odor. If this happens, turn off your heater right away and give us a call. Having too much gas inside the system leaves you at risk for a fire hazard and also threatens your family’s health. Breathing in carbon monoxide is extremely hazardous.

Clogged Gas Lines

You may think because gas doesn’t have a lot of substance that it can’t create clogs. However, clogs in the gas lines of a furnace can impact how well the system performs.

Most of the time, clogs happen because dust and dirt get into the system and make their way to the gas lines. You can prevent gas line clogs by changing out your air filter regularly. When you maintain a clean air filter, you prevent dust from entering the system and getting into the gas lines.

Keep in mind that by the time you notice a clog in the gas line, it has been building up for a long time. Clogs don’t just happen overnight. You can also invest in regular heater maintenance to prevent clogs from ever happening. During regular maintenance, our team cleans out dust and dirt buildup that happens due to normal use.

Problems with Burners

If the burner doesn’t work correctly, it can’t create the ignition needed to establish warm air. Sometimes, the burner gets caked with dust and dirt that get inside your system. Over time, it builds up and prevents the burner from activating correctly. Sometimes, our team can clean bad burners, but they could need to be replaced.

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