Have you ever wondered if your heater is big enough to meet your heating needs? As the temperatures drop, you want to stay warm and comfortable inside your home. If your heater is not the right size, it may not meet your needs.

If you never feel like your home reaches your desired temperature in the winter, your heater may be too small. But how do you know if your heater is powerful enough for your home? Well, our team offers heating service in Las Vegas, and we can help you by measuring the size of your home vs the capacity of your heater. Keep reading to learn more about choosing the right size heater for your home.

Furnace Sizes

All heaters are not created equally. If you have a smaller home, you need a smaller heater. If you have a bigger home, you need a bigger heater. There is no one size fits all solution. Furnace sizes are not measured by the overall size of the unit, but instead by BTUs, or British thermal units. This unit of measure tells us how much energy is required to heat a single pound of water by 1°F. Put simply, a higher BTU rating means that the heater can provide more warmth.

Factors Determining Furnace Size

The first consideration when choosing the size of a heater for your home is the overall square footage. There is usually a range of BTUs that will heat your home efficiently. There can be a lot of overlap, so you want to consider other factors, too.

Having a heater that is too big can lead to short cycling and additional wear and tear on your unit. Having a heater that is too small can mean that your heater is forced to work around the clock and never really reaches your desired temperature.

After measuring the square footage, you want to consider which climate zone of the country you live in. Climates that are typically warmer in the winter require different factors than climates that face the coldest temperatures of the year. Las Vegas is located in climate zone three and requires 40 to 45 BTUs per square foot.

You also want to consider the age and condition of your home. If you have an older home with poor insulation, the unit may need more heating power. This can mean investing in a slightly larger unit. If you have a newer home with lots of insulation, your heater may not have to work as hard. This can mean that you can get a slightly smaller unit from within the range.

We know that it sounds complicated, but that’s why we are experts. We can help you understand whether or not your heater is the right size for your home and needs. If it’s not, we can offer you a solution. You deserve a heater that works perfectly to heat your home and offers energy efficiency for many winters to come.

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