We’re in the middle of winter and you’re using your heater more often than ever. Do you feel like your furnace is trying to send you a message? We know that heating repair isn’t something that’s on the top of the “Things I’d Love to Do” list during this time of year. You need your heater. Yeah, your heater is struggling a little bit, but you can tough it out until spring. Anything beats dealing with a heating problem when you need your heater the most.

We’re here to help you with heating repair in Henderson, NV. We’re a team of diligent professionals. This means that we’re not going to take too long, we’re going to perform the work you need, and we’re going to keep your home in impeccable shape too.

What Are the Signs?

Here are a few of the signs that you’re having heating trouble in your home.

Your Carbon Monoxide Detector Always Trips

You’re starting to notice that your carbon monoxide detector trips more often than you’d like it to. If your heater of choice is a furnace and your furnace is really out of shape, you’re going to notice your home’s carbon monoxide detector going off more than usual. If you’re starting to feel like your furnace isn’t doing your home justice, then you’re going to need help from us. Low-level carbon monoxide poisoning could be going on in your home. Take notice of a tripped carbon monoxide detector, nausea, headaches, confusion, or fatigue.

Warmth Issues

Are you having trouble getting warm in your home this winter? If you are, then this classifies as both warmth and comfort issues. We know that it can get quite cold here in Henderson during the coldest points of our winters, but you should never struggle with your home’s heater. You’re hurting your home’s heating, your energy bills, and the longevity of your home’s heater too. Your warmth counts and it should be catered to by professionals like ours.

Loud Noises

Are you alarmed by the loud noises that you’re hearing coming from your home’s heater? When you run your home’s heater and hear sounds like banging, scraping, squeaking, or any odd sounds, you need to contact up. Any new, loud, or just generally odd sound is a real problem. Trust us when we say that loud noises are an early warning sign of trouble.

Thermostat Issues

Your thermostat is nothing short of defiant. You can’t seem to get your home’s heater to heat the way that it’s supposed to without ample manipulation on your end. This is a problem. It might be time for you to repair your heater and/or upgrade your thermostat. We suggest smart and Wi-Fi units.

Dust Buildup

Have you started to notice that your home is dusty all the time? Have you noticed an uptick in your home’s dust now that you’re running your heater more often? Your home’s heater isn’t functioning properly, and you need help from a heating professional.

Give us a buzz! Bumble Breeze is here to help with your heating services this winter.

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