It’s getting cold in Henderson, NV. While the temperatures are starting to take a dip, it’s still not that cold. Yeah, you’ve been using your heater for the past few weeks, but you haven’t been using your heater for long. If you’re already having furnace problems in your home, you’re facing some pending furnace problems this winter season.

We can help you handle this here on our team. Just call us for heater repair in Henderson, NV today. Don’t hesitate to call for your heating services. We’re about to get in your home, perform your repair work, and get out fast. We’re always safe too. Our staff is ready to provide you with safe, responsible services in these trying times. Call today.

Furnace Issues You Should Watch Out For

Here are some signs that you should watch out for this winter. If you notice these problems, then it means that you should schedule an appointment with our heating repair technicians:

  1. Uneven Airflow

    Your heating should be even in every part of your home. If you’re already noticing that your home’s heat is all over the place, then it means that you need to schedule an appointment with us. You can expect a mild level of temperature disparity depending on factors like light natural light and the number of appliances in your room. Anything extreme is a problem though.

  2. Inaccurate Thermostat

    Your thermostat readings are inaccurate, to say the least. If this is happening in your home, then you’re not getting the heating quality you need. This is true even if it doesn’t seem like you’re struggling. Call us and we’ll recalibrate your system so everything is accurate.

  3. Discolored Pilot Light

    Take a peek at your pilot light—it says a lot. If you notice that your pilot light isn’t blue it’s declining in quality. This is something you should address sooner than later. It will cause problems with your system as the season marches on.

  4. Odd Cycling

    Short or long cycling are both signs that your heater isn’t operating properly. There’s some type of dysfunction going on and we’re prepared to hunt it down and solve the problem.

  5. Dry Air

    Dry air throughout your home is often the symptom of an unhealthy heater. We can help you get your home balanced and aligned so that you don’t have the deal with this problem this winter.

  6. Lack of Heat

    You’re just never warm enough no matter what you do. This is a problem because it means that your heater isn’t suited to your home’s needs. We can help you get there.

  7. High Energy Bills

    If your heating bills seem to climb without a clear reason, it means that you need to take your heating back under control. High energy bills are a sign that your energy isn’t being put to good use. You might have a problem with your air conditioning unit, and we can be the team to help you solve it.

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