Your home’s thermostat is more important than you might think. If you don’t have what you need, then you’re going to need to take that into account this season. Trust us when we say that our professionals can get your thermostat in shape. You can have the best service possible with our team members. Just start with a smart or Wi-Fi thermostat in Las Vegas, NV.

We’re going to walk you through everything today. You can figure out if you need to replace it, and which system is going to work for you, and we’ll even help you install it too. Make sure that you get in touch with our professionals when you’re ready to upgrade. We’re here to help.

Do You Need a New Thermostat?

Sometimes you’re not always sure if you even need a new thermostat. We’re here to help you determine this today. Signs you should upgrade:

  • You’ve noticed a recent spike in your energy bills with no clear cause
  • You have a clear temperature disparity between rooms in your home
  • Your thermostat itself is 10 years or older
  • Your temperature readings are inaccurate
  • Your temperature won’t turn on when you want it to
  • Your temperature won’t turn off if you want it to

These are all cause for concern. You should come to us if you notice any of the above problems happening in your home. You should call us if you notice a combination of these issues happening. These are all signs that your thermostat isn’t performing to the best of its ability. If you’ve struggled with these problems for a while, you’re going to need to come to us for the upgrade that you deserve.

The Big Question: Smart or Wi-Fi

The main question that you need to ask yourself when you’re choosing a new thermostat is this: Wi-Fi or smart. It’s a big factor when it comes to your home comfort. We know that homeowners understand the basic differences between these systems, but we want you to know the specifics of your home. We’re going to run through them here for you today.

Wi-Fi Thermostats

In simple terms, a Wi-Fi thermostat is a digital thermostat that you can program from anywhere in the world. Wi-Fi thermostats are great because it puts precision into your hands. You can turn your thermostat on or off and adjust it from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. This means you’ll never have to spend another chilly morning waiting for your home to heat up while you’re doing your morning routine. You can turn your thermostat on from the comfort of your bed.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are like Wi-Fi thermostats with the added ability to “learn” how you like to temperature control your home. If you turn on certain capabilities, your thermostat can auto-adjust to your preferred temperatures. Smart thermostats keep eco-friendliness and cost in mind. You won’t have to worry about much with one of these units.

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