If you have a heat pump for your home here in Las Vegas, then you know that these are a great option for our climate. They’re reliable, eco-friendly, and effective in all weather conditions. Although heat pumps are great, that doesn’t mean that they’re infallible. If things start to go off the rails with your heat pump and you notice that you need heat pump repair, make sure that you’re scheduling an appointment with our team of professionals.

Your heating and cooling services aren’t something you want to struggle to get. We’ll make sure that the process is easy for you. We’ll even make sure that we inform you along the way.

Signs That Should Make You Pick Up the Phone

Here are a few signs that you should pick up the phone and call our team members for repair work.

  • That Unpleasant Smell: The thing about heat pumps is that they start to emit this dirty gym sock smell when things start to go off the rails. This is unique to heat pump systems. If you notice this in your home, we can be the ones to fix this problem for you.
  • You’re Not Cool: It’s no secret that it’s hot here in Las Vegas, we live in a desert climate after all. If you notice that your heat pump isn’t cutting it anymore when it comes to cooling, then you want to address this problem sooner than later.
  • You’re Not Warm Either: Your heat pump heats and cools so let’s check in on that heating too. If you were so relieved that spring came because you shivered through the entire winter season, it might be time for you to consider a little heat pump repair work.

  • Your Bills are Out of Control: Your heat pump bills should always be reasonable no matter the time of year. We experience some pretty intense weather conditions here, but if your heat pump is properly fitted for your home, this should never really be a problem that you see reflected in your bills. If it is something that you notice, you’re going to need to schedule an appointment with us.

We understand that every home is different. If you don’t see the problem that you’re having at home represented in the list above, this doesn’t mean.

Need a Little Extra Help?

Sometimes, an appointment for repair work can be the nudge you need to schedule an appointment for another service too. If you realize that your home could benefit from a maintenance appointment or a replacement appointment, you shouldn’t try to sidestep work like this and leave it for the future. Instead, you should schedule an appointment for our team members.

We understand that problems like this can be a real hassle to take care of. We’re going to make sure that you get prompt service that addresses the root of your issue. We make all your HVAC work easy.

Schedule an appointment with Bumble Breeze today. We’ll get your heat pump back in shape. Give us a buzz today!

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