If your central air conditioner is not cutting it when it comes to cooling your home during the summer, you may be shopping around for ways to enhance performance or switch to a new AC entirely. A swamp cooler in Las Vegas is a great way to do just that.

Swamp coolers are unique from other types of cooling systems because they provide cool air in a different way. Keep reading to learn more about swamp coolers and how one of these portable or whole-house systems may benefit your family. Then, give us a call to pick out the perfect one for your needs.

What is a Swamp Cooler?

A swamp cooler comes in whole house and portable air conditioner options. It stands apart from other types of air conditioners because of the method it uses for cooling. A swamp cooler relies on having a steady stream of hot air that it can bring in so it can cool your home. The hotter the air available, the better the results.

A swamp cooler has a pad inside it with chilled water. As hot air passes over this pad, the heat gets removed and cold air blows out into your home. Because of this method, the cooler works better in dry air than in humid air. It is cooling air for your home by adding chilled moisture and then blowing the air back out into your home. If the air is already humid, it is heavy with hot air and the process will not work as well.

Energy Efficiency

In the right conditions, a swamp cooler will be highly energy efficient at providing cool air for your home. A central AC unit can only lower the temperature in your home so much. If it doesn’t feel like your home stays cool enough in the summer, a swamp cooler can be a great add-on or replacement. Not only does it not use a lot of energy itself, but it can actually help to improve the energy efficiency of your central air conditioner, too.

To maximize efficiency, you want to ensure two things. First, keep a window or door open near the swamp cooler since it relies on hot air to create cooling. If you do not have a window or door open, your swamp cooler will not be as effective at providing cooling. No matter how hot it is outside, your swamp cooler can easily lower the air temperature by 20° to 30°.

Second, you want to make sure that the pad inside of your swamp cooler stays wet. Without enough chilled water inside of the system, it will not be able to cool down the air. Many swamp coolers come with an attachment so that you can connect it to a water hose or other water source for continued use without any interruptions.

Fresh Air

Since a swamp cooler relies on hot air from outside, you will also enjoy better indoor air quality. The air inside of your home can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. When you have a strong stream of fresh outdoor air coming into your home, you greatly reduce these pollution levels.

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