So it’s cold here in Las Vegas and your heater is working away dutifully to keep you warm—something just isn’t right though. You’ve already had your annual maintenance for your heater and nothing is going on that calls for a repair appointment… so what’s going on? The answer is that it might be time for a humidifier in Las Vegas, NV.

A humidifier can help you get the home comfort that you’re looking for. Sometimes, your home comfort is less about the actual heating services and more about the indoor air quality in your home. It’s not something that you want to count out. We’re going to make sure that you get the service you need at home. Schedule an appointment with us today.

What a Humidifier Does for Your Home

Wondering what a humidifier does for your home? Here are a few signs that you should invest in one:

  • You’re always being zapped by static shock
  • You feel dry all over (static shock, sore throat, chapped lips, dry skin, brittle nails or hair, etc.)
  • You notice cracks in your wood furniture
  • You’re very susceptible to colds
  • You’re getting nosebleeds
  • You have trouble getting warm
  • You can’t stay warm for long
  • You’re running your heater for extremely long amounts of time to stay warm

Here’s the thing—humidity is your ally in a place like Las Vegas. Water vapor in the air helps keep you warm. Have you ever traveled somewhere where there’s very wet heat? If you have, then you’ve probably noticed that humid heat feels even hotter than dry heat. There’s a very distinct reason for this—water vapor insulates your body and makes the process of evaporation happen a little slower. While this works against you in the high heat of summer, it can become your greatest ally in a cold, desert winter.

Humidifiers make getting the comfort you need easier and they can even go the extra mile by lowering your home’s energy bills. Since humidifiers help you get the comfort you need with ease, you won’t spend as much time running your heater. This means lower heating bills as a result!

Come to Our Professionals for the Work You Need

Are you looking for the right indoor air quality services in Las Vegas? We know that it’s not easy. Sure, this area is full of HVAC contractors, but it’s not always full of the right HVAC contractors. Not every single team is going to be able to provide you with the indoor air quality service that you need.

We built this company on the foundation of quality work, integrity, and honesty. We’re not one of those teams that you’re going to have to micromanage or coax into doing the right work. We do the right work the very first time. Don’t cut corners with slapdash service. Instead, invest in the right service with the professionals on our team today.

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