Humidity isn’t all good or all bad. After all, humidity levels that are too high can be uncomfortable, just like humidity levels that are too low can be. Instead, you want to strike a balance with humidity levels. There is such a thing as a just-right level of humidity for your home.

And our team can help you achieve that with a whole-house humidifier in Las Vegas. It’s a great way to control the humidity levels in your home and boost them in our dry environment. You can keep reading to learn more about the benefits of a humidifier and how the investment can help improve your at-home comfort.

Overall Health

The biggest benefit of a whole home humidifier is that your health can improve. You are more likely to get sick breathing in drier air than air that has proper levels of humidity. One reason for this is that viruses and bacteria can last longer in dry air than in humid air. Plus, your sinuses have a lot of mucus membranes and need moisture to be their healthiest. Balanced levels of humidity in your home make it less likely that you will get sick and can also reduce allergy symptoms.

Experts estimate that humidity levels should fall somewhere between 30% and 50%. When you install a whole-house humidifier, you can set your desired humidity level. If humidity levels drop too low, the system will turn on. If humidity levels are within the range of your selection, your humidifier will turn back off.

Energy Efficiency

Having slightly humid air improves your comfort, but that’s not all. Humidity is especially beneficial in the winter when dry air tends to feel colder than it really is. If you are heating your home in the winter, humidity can help it feel warmer inside, even without raising the temperature.

In this case, not only are you more comfortable, but you’re also potentially saving money on your monthly energy bills. If the air feels warmer than it really is, then you don’t have to set your air conditioner to as high of a heat setting. And let’s face it, even just a few degrees of difference can save you a significant amount of money on your monthly energy bills.

Better Sleep

When you can take a deep breath comfortably, you will also sleep better. Studies show that healthy humidity levels can actually reduce the chances that you snore while you are asleep. This can improve your sleep quality, and thus your life as a whole.

When you get better sleep, you’re able to be more productive during the day. You may have less brain fog and feel more accomplished. This may sound cheesy, but it’s true. And wouldn’t you do just about anything to get a truly good night’s rest? The good news is, it’s as simple as getting a whole-house humidifier.

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