It’s hot. You come home from the heat outdoors, open your front door to a wall of heat, and beeline over to your thermostat to dial the temperature down. Your air conditioner turns on but… there’s that dreaded sound again.

It’s weird and you can’t exactly remember when it started happening, but ever since you noticed it, it’s created a gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach. You know it’s bad and you don’t want to call out an air conditioning professional to tell you exactly what it is and charge you an arm and a leg to fix it. Instead, you pop in your headphones, crank up some music, and plop yourself on the couch to try and cool off.

Don’t do this! We understand the apprehension and dread that air conditioning problems cause, but our professionals will make your air conditioning repair in Las Vegas, NV as easy as possible. Call today.

The Sound and the Problem

Now let’s get into some common troubling air conditioning sounds and their probable causes.

  1. Banging

    Any banging sounds that you hear coming from your air conditioner are usually a sign that you’ve got a loose part just rattling around in your air conditioner. You’re going to need help from our professionals to get your home back on track ASAP.

  2. Squeaking

    Is your air conditioner making an annoying squeaking sound whenever it runs? You’re probably going to need more than a little oil. You’re going to need professional repair work as well, so make sure you call us today.

  3. Whistling

    Whistling is a sign that your ductwork is in a state of disrepair. Don’t disregard this noise because you think it isn’t a big deal. Call us and have us handle the problem you’re having sooner than later.

  4. Starting and Stopping

    Now we know we’re playing a little fast and loose with what’s considered a “sound” here, but we think that this is an important sign to include. For this blog, we’re going to say that we’re classifying this as the sound of your air conditioner starting and the sound of your air conditioner stopping.

    This happening constantly is called short cycling and it’s sure to run your air conditioner into the ground fast. It’s a great cause for concern and a good reason to call us.

  5. Grating

    The metal-on-metal sound isn’t something that you ever want to hear coming from your air conditioner. If you do hear this, it’s a sign that you have a big air conditioning problem on the horizon because something is dismally out of whack.

Don’t recognize the sound that you’re hearing at home from the list above? Have one of our professionals come out and diagnose it. We can find the source of the problem you’re having and knock it out in a flash. We know how important it is to have a great air conditioner here in Las Vegas, so we’re never going to play around with your time or money. Call today.

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