Are you looking for a little more from your air conditioner here in Las Vegas? We understand this feeling. We know that sometimes you realize that the problem that you’re having isn’t to the point where you need to call for air conditioning replacement or even air conditioning repair, but you need to do something.

Make sure you come to us about your air conditioning in Las Vegas, NV. We’re going to make sure that you have the best work possible. We care about homeowners, and we want you to have the best cooling possible—no tricks. We’re here to provide you with valuable knowledge and air conditioning services to match.

It’s Time to Upgrade

When was the last time you upgraded your home’s thermostat? We want you to think about this.

If you’ve had your thermostat as long as you’ve had your home’s air conditioner, then it’s time for you to upgrade. If you have one of those faceless white chunky thermostats that operate on a dial or slide, then you’re past due for an upgrade. If you have a digital thermostat that doesn’t have new technology, we’d heavily recommend that you upgrade to something new.

At this stage in the game, you’re going to need a Wi-Fi or smart thermostat for your home. Wi-Fi and smart thermostats are the latest and greatest in the thermostat industry. We know that there is quite a bit of hype surrounding these systems these days, but they deserve all the hype they get. These systems work for you—not the other way around. What do we mean by this? Well think about it like this:

You have a digital thermostat at home, and you’ve worked around upgrading to a smart or Wi-Fi thermostat with that scheduling feature. You have it scheduled around your workday—your air conditioner turns on again at 5 p.m. On this particular day though, you decide to run some errands and take a long way home. You look up and realize it’s 7 p.m. and your air conditioner has been chilling in an empty home for hours. What a waste!

This is an example of you working around your air conditioning system. An example of your air conditioner working for you would be the capability of a smart or Wi-Fi thermostat system. Wi-Fi and smart thermostats allow you to turn your air conditioner on or off from your phone wherever you are in the world.

We’re Here to Help

Are you looking for a great Wi-Fi or smart thermostat for your home? We’re sure that you can do a great amount of research on your own, but nothing beats the expertise of a trained professional with years underneath their belt. We’re going to make sure that we assess the particular needs of your home before we even lift a finger. We’re going to give you great recommendations that can help your home stay cool this summer and every summer after that.

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