If you’ve been thinking about investing in a heat pump for your house, you may be wondering if that type of system is good for our area of the country. The short answer is yes, but you can keep reading to learn more about having a heat pump.

If you need AC installation in Las Vegas, a heat pump is a fantastic option. It doesn’t matter how hot the temperatures get–a heat pump can stand up to the challenge and meet your home comfort needs. Keep reading to learn more about heat pumps including tips for maximizing efficiency in our area.

Cooling with a Heat Pump

When you have a heat pump installed in your home, you will enjoy more comfortable temperatures year-round. A heat pump works by removing heat from the air and channeling it outside as a method of lowering the temperature. While a heat pump does face challenges with cooling your home on the hottest days, these challenges are no different than any other air conditioner faces.

The industry standard is that an air conditioner can lower your home’s indoor temperature by about 20° compared to the outdoor temperature. Your heat pump can achieve the same results, and may even do it better. Since the heat pump mainly relies on removing heat from the air, it can cool your how much more efficiently.

how heat pumps work

But you do need to have realistic expectations. If the temperature outside is 100°, your air conditioner will not realistically be able to get your indoor air temperature lower than 80°. You can set the thermostat lower, and your air conditioner will continue running to cool your home, but it may not reach the temperature that you desire.

Tips for Maximizing Your Heat Pump

The good news is, there are ways that you can help your home feel cooler without placing too much strain on your heat pump cooling system. If you have ceiling fans, turn them on. Feeling airflow naturally makes your home feel cooler. If you don’t have ceiling fans, you can invest in a couple of floor fans and keep them in whichever rooms your family is in during the day.

You can also make sure that your home is well insulated to keep heat out and cold air in. Check your exterior windows and doors for any gaps that need to be addressed. You can also check your attic insulation to make sure that there is enough.

When temperatures are milder in the mornings and evenings, you may want to give your heat pump a break and instead open your windows to let in fresh air from outside. This is great for your indoor air quality and also alleviates some of the strain from your heat pump so it can rest. After all, your heat pump is all-in-one heating and cooling so unless you turn the system off it is working all day every day, all year long. Turning it off even for just an hour or two once in a while can make a difference.

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