AC repair can cost a lot, but it’s a worthwhile investment when you consider that you are helping your unit run at its most efficiently. Plus, prioritizing AC repairs can also extend the life of your unit. Air conditioning repair is something you never want to postpone for later. After all, if your unit is running then it must be fine, right? Wrong.

If you notice signs that something may be wrong you need to invest in AC repair in Boulder City, NV before the problem worsens. Ignoring AC needs can leave you with expensive repair bills later on, and by the time that happens your unit may not be working at all. You may not be an AC expert, but there are some signs you can watch for that warn of AC repair needs.

Your AC isn’t Cooling

This seems like a pretty obvious one, but many homeowners ignore warm air because it’s just not that bad. But your AC should blow cool air. Setting the thermostat to a higher temperature for cooling may lead you to think that warmer air is OK, but that’s not the case. Warm air indicates that something is wrong with your AC unit’s ability to cool the air. This may be a refrigerant leak or something else. Either way, you need an expert to come in and troubleshoot.

Energy Bills Going Up

Your energy bill may be expensive, but is it too expensive? If your energy bill is higher this year than in previous months or years something may be wrong. Sure, energy providers raise rates and you adjust temperatures in your home. Outdoor temperatures can also factor into the cost of your energy bill when it’s very hot out.

But if you notice significant increases or increases that happen month after month, that’s a warning sign. You can check previous bills and compare your energy usage. If you notice your usage going up without having made changes to your cooking habits, something may need repair. AC maintenance can help address problems and improve your unit’s efficiency, lowering your energy usage.

Short Cycling

Your air conditioner has an ideal run time for each cooling cycle. For most units and homes it’s around 15 minutes. If your air conditioner begins cooling and then shuts off, something is wrong. Short cycling can add a lot of wear and tear to your unit as it turns on and off over and over again. Your home may not cool down like it should since the unit doesn’t stay on long enough to bring down the temperature.

Unusual Sounds

You’ll hear your AC unit click on and off, the fans blow, and the compressor hum. You may even hear ductwork rattle occasionally during temperature changes. But if you hear other sounds like rattling, screeching, knocking, hissing, or grinding, something is wrong. Many of these sounds indicate that a component is loose or damaged and may be causing even more damage as your unit runs.

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