Summer is still a way away and your HVAC system is heating your home until warmer temperatures arrive and you switch from heating to cooling. When you do make this switch, you want your AC to work great right away and all season long. Last year your AC may have been put to the test in keeping your home cool. That strain can lead to repair needs, especially if you didn’t schedule annual AC maintenance at the end of summer.

Having a single component failure can have a snowball effect on your entire air conditioner system. If you want to stay ahead of AC repair in North Las Vegas, give our team a call. In the meantime, review these AC problems that require immediate attention.

Ice on Evaporator Coils

The indoor portion of your AC unit has evaporator coils that utilize refrigerant to cool air for your home. When it comes to your system’s evaporator coils, there’s a good cold, and then there’s a bad cold. If your AC’s evaporator coils get too cold, they can freeze.

If the coils become completely frozen, they can block cool air from circulating through your home. A refrigerant leak can lead to icy or frozen evaporator coils and this kind of problem requires immediate attention. Turn off your unit and leave it off until our team can fix the problem.

Condenser Coil Buildup

Your outdoor unit has its coils–a set of condenser coils that work alongside evaporator coils. However, the outdoor coils do a different job and get rid of warm air. Your AC unit works to remove hot air from the system after conditioning the air to blow in your home. Heat gets transferred out to the condenser coils, but If the condenser coil is dirty and grimy then it won’t work right. Warm air then backs up into your system and can lead to overheating.

Dirty Air Filter

You need to change your AC air filter once each month. But do you always remember to do it one time? The answer is likely to be no since it’s easy to forget exactly when you last changed the filter. It may not seem like a big deal but allowing your filter to stay dirty leads to difficulty bringing in clean air. Your air filter is only designed to hold so much dust and dirt before it blocks airflow. Plus, a full air filter also allows dust and dirt to recirculate through your HVAC system and home.

Fan Blower Problems

Your AC unit has two fans–one inside and one outside. The indoor fan blows cool air through ductwork and into your home. The outdoor fan blows hot air out of your home to aid in cooling efforts. These fans have a big job to do in your AC unit and wear is completely normal. But problems can quickly pass from normal wear into bigger problems like a loose screw or bent fan blade.

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