Sump pumps are vital in protecting your home from flooding, water damage, mold, waterborne diseases, and structural damage. They are essential for keeping your home safe, comfortable, and habitable, especially during floods. Although you may not need to use them daily, they offer the best defense against water damage to your Las Vegas, NV, basement. However, like any other device in your home, sump pumps can sometimes malfunction and fail. Below are a few common sump pump problems and some tips on preventing them.

1. Clogged Pump and Switch

If the pump does not have a lid, which is common in most homes, it can get dirty and clogged as time goes by. When blocked, in turn, leads to the pump slowing down or failing. There are several ways that the sump pump can get clogged. The most common is when the sump pit/hole gets filled with debris and dirty, obstructing the pump. Consequently, this leads to dirt building on the mechanical parts and switches. The float switch, responsible for automatically turning on the pump when the water level rises, can also get stuck due to debris in the sump pit.

Prevention of Clogged Pump and Switch

When your sump pump is clogged, you should first have it professionally inspected for any malfunctions. Bumble Breeze, a plumbing contractor in Las Vegas, recommends that you have the sump pit covered with an airtight lid. This lid not only prevents debris from falling into the pit but also guarantees the safety of the pit for pets and kids.

2. Overwhelmed Pump

When shopping for the best sump pump, it is crucial to consider the pumping capacity of the pump of choice. Sometimes, you may settle on a pump that cannot eliminate the high water volume, especially during storms. Overwhelmed pumps burn out quickly and thus fail to remove water from the basement as needed.

Prevention of an Overwhelmed Pump

When you notice that your sump pump is overwhelmed, the next cause of action should be upgrading the pump. Consult a professional sump pump technician to identify the best pump that meets your home’s needs. You can also consider installing a backup pump to complement the primary pump when the rain is heavier than usual. However, for most homes, one powerful pump is enough to drain water and wetness from the basement.

3. Power Loss to the Pump

Power loss to the sump pump, especially when you are away, makes the basement vulnerable to flooding. There are different reasons for pump power loss, the most common being external factors such as extreme weather effects like storms. Internal home factors like an electrical fault can also cause this power loss. If someone accidentally unplugs the pump or trips the circuit breaker, the pump will not kick in when the basement floods.

Prevention of Power Loss to the Pump

The best preventive measure towards tackling possible power loss to the pump is investing in a sump pump with an alarm and a battery backup. This alarm feature alerts you when power to the pump is lost while the battery powers the pump until the main power is restored. It guarantees the pump will run even when you are away from home.

4. Sump Pump Running Continuously

When you notice that your sump pump is running non-stop, even when there is no water to drain in the basement, this problem requires immediate attention. Continuous running of the pump leads to overworking, which can eventually cause it to burn out. One of the most common causes of this occurrence is stuck pump switches. A broken or missing check valve can also put the pump in overdrive mode, running non-stop. In rare cases, underground springs or high water tables can cause continuous water flow into the pit, even when no flooding occurs.

Prevention the Sump Pump Running Continuously

It is advisable to have a professional inspect and diagnose a continuously running sump pump. It makes it possible to analyze the underlying problem and fix it before it causes a malfunction in the pump. Our expert plumbers will recommend the best approach to address the issue. Raising your home’s sump pit for underground springs and high water tables can help fix the problem.

5. Frozen Discharge Lines

Sump pumps use discharge lines to remove water from the basement. Just like in other drainage systems, when these lines become clogged or frozen, then the removal of the water becomes impossible. The primary goal of installing a sump pump is to remove water from the basement and foundation permanently to prevent compromising the structure’s integrity.

Prevention of Frozen Discharge Lines

As a routine maintenance practice, it is necessary to ensure that the discharge lines remain clear from debris and do not clog up. Pump sumps, like any other systems around the home, require regular maintenance to stay in pristine working condition at all times. It is also advisable to lubricate the pump at least twice per year to prevent it from seizing.

6. Poor Installation

Poor installation is another common problem that affects sump pumps and hinders their efficiency. Installing these pumps is a complex task that requires expertise, knowledge, and experience. In worst-case scenarios, poorly installed pumps often experience reduced performance and total system failure sooner than professionally installed sump pumps.

Prevention of Poor Installation

You should only contact a qualified and certified contractor to install and maintain your home’s sump pump system. Plumbers possess vast knowledge and experience installing and maintaining these systems for efficient, reliable, and dependable performance. When you notice that the pump was not installed correctly, you should have it re-installed immediately by a professional plumber.

7. Defective Parts

As with other mechanical gadgets, wear and tear over time can lead to defective parts in the sump pump system. Most of the time, the issue of faulty parts in these pumps results from poor repair quality by inexperienced service providers.

Prevention Steps for Defective Parts

Always have repair work done on your sump pump system by professional contractors who can offer the best repair services. Additionally, ensure that the contractor only uses manufacturer-recommended replacement parts. It saves you from having to pay for expensive repairs and replacements in the future due to total system failure. While repairs can get the pump running again, there are instances when it is recommended to replace the whole pump. It is particularly true if it is an old pump with excessive wear and tear.

Sump pumps are designed to help you prevent flooding problems in the basement and water damage to the structure. We understand that flood water can potentially cause significant damage to the property, so we are always available 24/7 for emergency repair calls. Our qualified experts also offer regular maintenance services to keep common sump pump problems at bay and guarantee seamless functionality and performance. Bumble Breeze is a full-service HVAC company providing heating, cooling, and indoor air quality. We also offer some commercial HVAC services. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Bumble Breeze to have your sump system installed, inspected, repaired, or replaced by the best experts today in Las Vegas.

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