You can look at your pipes and think they look OK and have a leak a month later. Or you can look at them and think they look worn out and old when they’re still strong and secure. It can be difficult to tell if your plumbing is in good shape just by looking at the outside of your pipes.

Many people don’t even know what signs to look for when inspecting home plumbing for signs of wear and damage. Even more of us don’t even think to check our plumbing because the pipes are primarily out of our sight so we don’t think about it until something goes wrong. If you think you need plumbing service in Boulder City, NV, we can help. But before you give us a call it’s important to know what signs can help you identify if your plumbing needs work this summer.

Less Water Pressure

Your water pressure can change over time due to a variety of factors. But if you notice that your water pressure is consistently lower than it used to be or that it’s getting weaker over time, you may have plumbing problems. The first thing to come to mind is probably a leak, but clogs can also impact your water pressure.

If there is a clog in one of your main lines it can decrease the water pressure to your entire home or just one section of it. The worse the leak or clog gets, the more it will decrease your water pressure. Keep in mind that if you suddenly lose water pressure in a short period, you probably have a serious problem that needs immediate attention. Although any plumbing problem is time-sensitive, drastic changes may indicate that a pipe bursts and is leaking somewhere significantly.

More Expensive Water Bills

The cost of water service fluctuates over time. But if you notice a sudden spike in your water expense, that’s a red flag that something is wrong. If you can, check the rates and usage amounts on other recent water bills to compare the numbers. Then call one of our expert plumbers to come out and assess the problem. If you leak, we can identify and fix it before it gets worse. Don’t wait for your next water bill to arrive in hopes that it returns to normal. By then a leak could cause serious damage to your home.

Signs of Water Damage

The most obvious sign of a leak is water damage. You may feel wet spots under your carpet or see warps in your vinyl and hardwood flooring. Depending on where the leak is, baseboards may swell, and drywall may sag. Your ceiling may become discolored if you have pipes that run above your house and leak. Unfortunately, water damage is often the first sign that homeowners notice when they leak. If you’re able to identify other signs early on, you can prevent water damage and need to repair a larger area of your home.

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