The clock is ticking down to summer and it seems as though your air conditioner wears down a little more every day. You don’t have a great feeling about what’s to come and, yet, that “call an AC tech” line item finds its way to the bottom of your do-to list each week. We recommend that you handle your air conditioning problems now.

We know that you’re probably not happy about the idea of a repair job. We focus on AC repair in Boulder City, NV. After all, it’s a big issue in a hot and dry desert climate like ours. Our diligent worker bees make it easy so when you’re ready, give us a buzz!

Do I Need to Repair it?

Wonder no longer if the problem you’re experiencing requires repair services. Here are a few hot-button issues that you need our service for.

  • Short Cycling: Your air conditioner seems to have a mind of its own this spring. It turns on, runs for a short while, stops suddenly, and you think the process is over. Then it shocks you by starting up again shortly after. This is short cycling. It’s terrible for your efficiency and your AC lifespan.
  • Low Efficiency: Low efficiency typically manifests itself to a homeowner as a high energy bill. If the price of your air conditioner has suddenly increased for no real reason, then your efficiency might be to blame.
  • Temperature Imbalances: Most homes have spots that are a little warmer or cooler than others. This is due to routine things like different amounts of natural lighting throughout a home or having multiple floors. If your temperature imbalance is starting to get a little ridiculous, then your air conditioner is likely the culprit.

Don’t ignore any of these signs. Our technicians are prepared to handle them before it’s too late.

What’s “Too Late?”

We dropped somewhat of an ominous phrase in our title—“too late.” We’re not just going to leave this floating in the air, we’ll address it here.

You might think that there is no such thing as too late when it comes to your air conditioning repair. A lot of homeowners think this way. We want you to know that we’re not referring to untimely service here. Repairs are a lot more stressful and time-sensitive in the middle of a Boulder City summer and we’re sure you know this. What we’re referring to are breakdowns.

A repair job that’s too late is essentially a system breakdown. A repair need can become a breakdown if it’s put off for too long. Small problems snowball into bigger ones. On top of this, your air conditioner is a machine with many intertwining parts, so one issue can affect another part of your AC unit and start to snowball into a bigger problem.

This is why when you see something, you should say something! It will help you avoid bigger, more expensive trouble as time marches on.

Contact Bumble Breeze today to schedule an appointment with our professionals. Give us a buzz!

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