When you move into a new home, you will have a lot of elements to grow accustomed to. Along with the layout of the house and your daily routine, you will likely have a lot of sounds and scents to get used to as well. However, the new-house experience shouldn’t be accompanied by unpleasant odors or disturbing noises.

Fortunately, by paying careful attention, you have the opportunity to pinpoint specific sounds and scents to determine where they are coming from. When you can isolate the cause, you will know what types of repairs to get professional help with and learn ways to help prevent these issues in the future. Here are some examples.

1. Musty Smells

After you’re all settled and moved into a new home, you may start to notice a musty smell. This smell is probably not intrinsic to the new home itself but rather to the buildup of mildew and mold in your HVAC system. When an HVAC system carries dust and particles through the ducts, those elements can stick to the sides of ducts and eventually absorb some moisture or condensation.

The moist debris will ultimately lead to the formation of mold and mildew. Not only is the smell unpleasant, but it could cause health issues, especially if you already have any respiratory problems. Ideally, you will want a maintenance check performed on your whole HVAC system. Through this process, HVAC technicians will look for signs of mold, clean out the ducts, and perform services to help prevent the buildup of moisture again in the future.

2. Dust Burning

If you purchased a house that was previously owned, then you may not know how long it has been since the heating system was used. If you move into a home in the spring or summer, you may not need to use the heating for months. During these times, dust can build up on various heater elements, including vents or floorboard radiators.

When you eventually do turn the heat on, all the dust that has built up will burn off as it gets exposed to hot air or heating elements. You may notice a burning smell right away. This smell is simply the dust burning off and you will learn to recognize it with each new cold season that comes to your home. The dust burning should not last for longer than a day. If the smell does persist, then you may need to hire an HVAC technician for an inspection. A technician can find the source of the burning and complete repairs to eliminate the odor from your new residence.

3. Decay

Damaged ducts can become ideal paths for rodents getting into your heating or cooling system. If your house smells like death, then the symptom could be literal and coming from a deceased rodent. Not only does this smell terrible, but breathing in the contaminated air could lead to health issues as well.

A cleaning appointment with an HVAC company will not only help dispose of the dead animal, but you can also have your ducts repaired so you cut off entry points and prevent the issue from happening again. Any repairs done to the ductwork will also help improve the efficiency of HVAC systems like a furnace or central AC unit.

4. Screeching Fan (Fan Belt)

If you hear a loud screeching in your new home, you don’t have to worry about ghosts or apparitions haunting the premises. A screeching sound will typically come from the fan used to push air through HVAC system within the home. The noise is most often caused by the fan belt used to rotate the fan on a consistent basis. If the belt becomes twisted or strained, the extra pressure can result in the screeching sounds. They can also be caused by the belt becoming loose and slipping.

If the screeching continues persistently, you should shut off your HVAC system until a technician can come and complete repairs. You do not want to cause any additional damage besides the fan belt issue. A belt replacement should prevent screeching noises and ensure the fan pumps air through your home without annoyance.

5. Clanging Noises

As the furnace or air conditioner turns on, you may hear some clanging noises. These clangs might echo through the whole duct system and create disturbances in the home. If the sound comes from the HVAC equipment, then you may have loose or damaged parts. You should shut off the system until a professional looks at it.

You may also hear clanging when you have issues with your ductwork. If you have a damaged duct, then the hot air or cold air passing through it can cause loose pieces to hit each other and make these strange noises. Not only will you hear the commotion, but the constant striking can cause further damage to the ductwork. You will want the ducts repaired to stop the excess noises and improve the efficiency of the whole HVAC system.

6. Furnace Clicking Sounds

When your furnace tries to ignite, you may hear a clicking sound before the system kicks on. This is the furnace igniting the flame to create heat for your home. In some cases, you may hear excessive clicking. This typically indicates that the furnace is not igniting properly.

Along with an inspection, you may need a full furnace cleaning to check for any issues. A thorough cleaning will ensure the furnace ignites quickly and no debris buildup or malfunctioning parts are causing any issues.

7. Whistling

Whistling sounds are almost always a sign of airflow issues, especially if you have a central AC unit installed in your new house. When air cannot properly push through channels, it is forced through gaps, creating a whistling noise. If you notice a persistent whistling from a furnace or AC system, you should shut down the equipment until a professional technician can evaluate the situation. You do not want to worry about excess pressure straining other system components. A full repair will ensure that your HVAC system operates smoothly and the whistling sound goes away.

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