A high-functioning air conditioner is one of the most important aspects of your home here in Vegas. If you’re not enjoying a cool home alongside a reasonable energy bill, then you can’t describe your air conditioning system as “high functioning.” If it’s time to upgrade, make sure that you choose a reliable air conditioning technician here in Vegas. Air conditioning “companies” are one of those things that are a dime a dozen in our area but it’s hard to find a reliable technician that’s committed to customer satisfaction like ours.

If you’re ready to take the functionality of your air conditioner to the next level then contact our team for air conditioning replacement in Las Vegas, NV. We’re family owned and operated business full of professionals.

It’s Always Hard Saying Goodbye

We know that you’re not leaping for joy at the prospect of upgrading your air conditioner. Sure, it means that you’ll have a better-cooled home, but you’ll have to spend a pretty penny on the cost of a new AC unit. Although it’s not the most alluring prospect in the world buying a new air conditioner when the time is right will help you avoid a breakdown and keep you cool in our hot Vegas heat. Not sure when you should upgrade? Watch out for these signs of a failing air conditioner:

  • You Can’t Get Cool: We know that you’re probably no stranger to hot weather being a resident of Nevada. You shouldn’t have to deal with scorching hot temperatures in your home though! If you feel as though you’re constantly running your air conditioning system and you still feel uncomfortable it might be time for you to upgrade your air conditioning system. Old AC units have a hard time cooling larger spaces. If this is a persistent problem, make sure you contact a professional from our team for service.
  • You’re Best Friends with Your Repairman: You shouldn’t see your air conditioning technician for repair services on a routine basis. If you feel like you’re checking in with your AC technician in the same way you would with your doctor or dentist, then it’s time to consider a replacement. An air conditioning unit that needs frequent repair services is inefficient and ineffective too.
  • Your AC Unit is in Its Golden Years: If your air conditioning unit is over the age of 10 then it’s time to start considering replacement no matter its status. If your air conditioning unit is in this age range that means that it’s in the last half of its lifespan. Older air conditioning units have lower SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings meaning that it uses lots of energy to generate cool air. Older systems have single-digit SEER ratings as low as 6 or 8 while newer models have average SEER ratings of 25. The lowest a new model’s SEER rating can be is 13. If you’d like cost-effective, energy-efficient cooling then contact our professionals today.

Make sure you contact a reliable team for all your air conditioning services. Contact our team at Bumble Breeze today. Give us a buzz!

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