Last time we checked in with you we discussed how to tell if you have a current air conditioning problem or a budding air conditioning problem. We gave you everything you need to know—the warning signs and how to handle the problem if it happens in your home. Today though, we’d like to give you the knowledge you need to avoid something like that happening in the future.

We all have our faults and fumbles now and then, but if a problem is preventable, then it’s probably a good idea to do your best to prevent it. We specialize in air conditioning repair in Henderson, NV, but we don’t want this type of work to become a regular occurrence in your home. Schedule an appointment with us to learn more.

How to Help Your AC

It’s all about prevention and preparation when it comes to your AC system. Here are a few things you can do to prepare your air conditioner for this summer and every summer after that.

Replace Your Filter

This is probably the simplest thing you can do when it comes to keeping your air conditioner in great shape. When the warm weather rolls around, make sure that you’re replacing your air filter once in the spring and once in the summer.

Your air conditioner’s filter is in charge of keeping your air conditioner probably safeguarded from dirt and debris. A dirty air conditioner is only one step away from being a defunct air conditioner. Make sure you’re keeping things in great shape with a fresh filter.

Open All the Registers in Your Home

If you live in a home with multiple people, it’s easy to have disagreements over the thermostat temperature. Because of this, you might find yourself closing vents in certain rooms just to appease everyone’s needs. While we understand why you might do something like this, closing off some of your registers can damage your air conditioner. This isn’t going to be something that makes your air conditioner fail overnight, but it can slowly deteriorate the system. Keeping all your registers open makes your air conditioner last much longer.

Schedule Maintenance Every Year

You’re going to need air conditioning maintenance every single year—no matter what. We know that it might feel like you can skip out on maintenance from time to time because there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with your air conditioning system, but we want to remind you that just because everything seems alright doesn’t mean that it is.

While we’re on this topic, it’s also important to schedule an appointment for repair work as soon as possible. If you notice that something is wrong, make sure you’re acting on it fast. It will help you keep your AC system around much longer.

We understand that all homes are a little different. That’s why we make sure that every one of our technicians is skilled and ready to perfect your home’s personal needs rather than giving you one size fits all service. Call to learn more today.

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