Your heat pump needs professional maintenance twice per year. Scheduling an appointment with our team of expert technicians is a great way to keep your heat pump running at its best. But even when you take excellent care of it, there’s still a chance that things will go wrong.

The question is, how do you know when your heat pump needs repair? There are four signs that you can look for, and if you notice any of them, give our team a call to schedule AC repair in North Las Vegas. You can keep reading to learn more about these four signs so that you can stay ahead of the heat pump breakdowns.

Lack of Cooling

If your heat pump is experiencing problems, you may begin to notice that it is running without actually cooling down the temperature in your home. If you hold your hand up to one of the attached vents while your heat pump is on, the air may not feel cold. If the air is lukewarm, that can point to a refrigerant leak. You may also notice that your heat pump is staying on longer or turning on more frequently in an attempt to cool your home.

Poor Airflow

Other times, you may hold your hand up to an air vent and feel cold air coming out, but the airflow is not strong. Without good airflow, cold air is being trapped inside your air conditioner instead of making its way out into your home. There could be an issue with bringing air into your system via the grate where your air filter is located. Or, there could be a blockage somewhere in the system that is not allowing airflow to make it all the way through your ductwork.

Unusual Sounds or Smells

After having your heat pump for a while, you learn which sounds are part of every day operation. Most of the sounds you hear are very gentle and you have to pause and pay attention to hear them. If there are any sounds that you would classify as a noise, that’s a sign that something is wrong with your heat pump. You should never hear sounds that are alarming or loud.

The same goes for smells. Your heat pump should never produce an unusual smell. If you do notice an odor coming from the air vents or any other area of your heat pump, it’s a good idea to call and schedule an appointment for your heat pump to be checked out. Some smells can indicate that electrical components are burning, while others smells can indicate mold or mildew growth.

Heat Pump Age

Aside from all the signs listed above, age is also an indicator that your heat pump may need repairs. Heat pumps will last for an average of 15 years, and as you get closer to that 15-year mark repairs are more and more likely.

Experts estimate that your heat pump will experience an uptick in repair needs during the last two years of life. So if you do suddenly have to make more frequent repairs, that’s a good indicator that you need to begin planning ahead for a new heat pump installation in the coming year or two.

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