We tend to sing the praises of the water heater on our team. This is because a water heater is probably the hardest-working appliance in your home. Did you know that water heaters account for nearly 17% of your home’s overall energy use? This is a whopping percentile when you think about how many things in your home use up energy. This is why it’s important to care for your water heater.

If you’re struggling with your water heater, then your first step should be water heater repair in Las Vegas, NV. We can help you figure out what your water heater needs so we can get your system back on track.

Your Water Heater Needs Help If…

These are the signs that your water heater might need a little help from a professional.

  1. Reduced Water Pressure

    Have you noticed that there’s a reduction in water pressure throughout your home? We know that this is typically a pain. There’s nothing quite as irritating as taking a nice, hot soapy shower and realizing that the water pouring over you is starting to feel like nothing more than a mere trickle. It’s just not satisfying. It’s going to result in poor water pressure as well. Make sure that your check in with your water heater itself if this is a problem you’re experiencing. Build-up can lead to this issue.

  2. Less Hot Water

    You’re in the middle of a hot shower and it suddenly turns into a cold one. You’ve noticed that your hot water volume has greatly decreased. Your hot water level shouldn’t decrease anywhere. If it does, then you should schedule an appointment with us.

  3. Leaks

    Your water heater should never leak. If you notice that your water heater has a puddle lying around the base or you’re hearing a hissing sound because hot water is hitting the floor, then you’re dealing with leaks. We can patch them up for you a improve your home.

  4. Cloudy, Unpleasant Smelling, or Discolored Water

    Have you noticed that your water heater is producing water that isn’t crystal clear or clean? You shouldn’t notice things like this. Bad scents or discolored water are going to be a problem in your home that typically indicates an issue with the water heater itself. The discoloration, foul odors, and cloudy appearance of the water are due to sediment buildup.

  5. Odd Sounds

    Have you noticed some odd sounds coming from your water heater? Maybe you’re alarmed when you’re walking by the cabinet. The number one sound that we hear reported coming from a water heater is rumbling. This sound happens when there is build-up in the water heater itself.

    If you hear other sounds like popping or knocking, then you should get in contact with our team members. We’re the ones who can identify the sound that you’re hearing and fix it with our water heater repair services.

Give us a buzz! Bumble Breeze is here you’re ready for impeccable water heater services in Las Vegas.

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