Are you struggling to get cool in your home? This is all too common here in Las Vegas—we have scorching hot temperatures! You don’t have to deal with this though. If you feel like you’re having a lot of trouble with your air conditioning system and you’ve repaired your unit in the past but you’re still looking for more relief in your home the problem could be your ductwork.

Your ductwork is that forgotten part of your air conditioning system but it’s one of the most important parts. Make sure that you contact our professionals. Do your HVAC system a favor and schedule an appointment for duct replacement in Las Vegas, NV today.

You Might Need Duct Replacement If…

We know you’re probably not leaping in the air and clicking your heels at the thought of replacing your ductwork. It’s a long and expensive process. You can come to our team and we can handle the problem quickly and for the right price. Not sure if you need duct replacement services? Watch out for these signs below:

  1. Your Home is Super Dusty

    This is normally a pretty benign problem in a home. You might dust your home pretty frequently because you notice that your home furnishings and flat surfaces always have a light layer of film.

    This isn’t something that you should ignore though. Your home seeming a little stuffy or dusty is a big issue. It means that your ductwork isn’t able to circulate your air correctly.

  2. You Have Hot and Cold Spots

    Do you ever feel like one room in your home is ice cold when your air conditioner runs while another part of your home is hot and stuffy? This is a major problem.

    If you live in a two-story home or a home that has a lot of natural lighting in one area or covering foliage in another you can expect a natural amount of temperature imbalance, but your home shouldn’t have drastic hot and cold spots.

    You should be able to heat or cool your home evenly. If you can’t, then you’re having a real problem with your ductwork. A replacement can help you get the service that you deserve.

  3. You Have High Energy Bills

    Do you have a utility bill that’s sky-high this summer? You might expect your air conditioning bill to increase a little during the dog days of summer, but an astronomical AC bill is something that you should never get used to.

    A high utility bill could be the result of your home losing energy through the leaks in your ductwork. If you’re lucky, your leaks will turn out to be small and you can just have them sealed. If your problem is more advanced, the leaks, tears, or gaps will be big enough that your ductwork requires repair services.

If you’re having a major issue with the ductwork in your home, you’re going to need to contact a professional from our team. We specialize in keeping your Vegas IAQ high.

Contact Bumble Breeze today to schedule an appointment with our ductwork experts. Give us a buzz today!

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