Now that winter is here, you might have noticed that your heater isn’t performing the way you need it to. This could be through the form of small problems like odd run times or it could be in the form of bigger issues like full-blown heating capacity problems. No matter what the issue is, you should rely on professionals like ours to fix it. We’re a team you can put your full trust in because we know heating repair in Summerlin, NV.

The troubling part of the heating repair process is knowing when you should get a heating repair for your home. It’s not always that obvious. If you notice any of the following issues happening in your home, then it’s time to schedule an appointment for your heating repair services.

Signs You Should Invest in Heating Repair

Here are a few signs that you should invest in heating repair for your home.

You’re Not Warm Enough

The first problem that you might experience that should sound alarm bells in your head is a problem getting warm. Warmth is your heater’s main priority. If it’s not able to achieve its main job, then it means that you should reach out to a professional to fix things. Something is going wrong here. We’re the ones qualified to find the source of your problem and fix it for you. We know that our Summerlin winters get quite cold, but any heater that’s properly equipped for your home should be able to perform through it.

Your Burner Flame Is Discolored

Make sure that your home’s heater flame burns a steady, bright blue. It shouldn’t be red, orange, or even yellow. Any of these other flame colors mean that your heater’s pilot light isn’t burning hot enough. We’ll help you figure out why this is happening and work to fix it as well.

You Hear Strange Noises

Your heater really shouldn’t make too much noise. If it does, then it’s more than likely an early warning sign of heating issues. Note the noises you’re hearing, when you hear them, and any other symptoms that come along with this. It will help you pinpoint problems with your heater as soon as possible.

You’re Hovering Over Your Thermostat

Have you become your heater’s thermostat? Your thermostat should be able to regulate your home’s heating system with ease. If you have to change the temperature constantly, then your thermostat isn’t doing its job and it might reflect a deeper issue with your home’s heating system. We’ll figure it out for you.

There Are Odd Run Times

Are you noticing that your home’s heater has odd run times? This might show up in the form of incredibly short or even incredibly long cycles. Either way, any run time that makes you raise an eyebrow is a real issue. Odd run times typically mean that you’re struggling with efficiency in some way. If you allow this to persist, it will only result in even larger heating issues.

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