You spend the majority of the year trying to keep your home cool because of high temperatures. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need heat for at least a little while during the winter. And when you do need your heater, you want it to work right the first time you turn it on – and every time after.

And you may also want to ensure that your heater is working efficiently so that your monthly energy bill doesn’t cost too much. If you haven’t scheduled heating maintenance in North Las Vegas yet this year, there’s no better time. You can have our team check out your heater to fix any minor problems before they turn into big (and expensive!) problems that require repair.

Reasons to Invest in Heating Maintenance

Yes – heating maintenance is necessary even if you only use your heater for a little while. Think about it like a car. Even if you don’t drive your car as often, you still have to invest in regular maintenance. Your heater is the same. Wear and tear happen over time, even with very little use.

Maintenance Ensures Safe Operation

Your heater runs on electricity or natural gas, and both sources of energy pose equal risks to your home and family. You may be so used to having electricity and natural gas that you don’t worry much about the risks, but risks do exist. Your HVAC unit can have loose wires or leaks in gas lines that pose hazards to your home and health.

Both pose fire hazards, but gas lines also leave your health at risk. Natural gas doesn’t have a smell, so if there’s a leak you may not know about it. Breathing in natural gas can lead to illness and greatly impact your health. Tune-ups are an opportunity for our team to inspect every inch of your unit. We check for anything loose or cracked so that we can make repairs before problems worsen.

Maintenance Helps You Avoid Major Repairs

Big problems don’t happen overnight. Instead, they start as small problems like a loose wire or screw. These small problems can create a ripple effect that creates more problems or bigger problems. When you catch small problems early, you can avoid more expensive repairs.

For example, you may hear your unit begin to make a new sound. It’s not a loud sound and your heater is still running, so you ignore it. Over time the sound changes and gets louder, but you’re so used to hearing it that you don’t think much about it. You may even mean to call, but you keep forgetting. Then one day your heater stops working altogether. A belt was wearing out, and now the belt is broken. Not only do you have to replace the belt, but you also have to repair other damage that the loose belt caused.

Maintenance Extends Heater Life

Most heaters last between ten and fifteen years before they need to be replaced. But what’s that five-year difference? We have two words for you – regular maintenance. When you have our team come out at least once per year for heater tune-ups, you’re investing in the life of your heater. With proper care, it may even last longer than 15 years before you need to replace it.

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