The water that comes from your tap tastes… well… foul to put it frankly. If you’re being honest, it doesn’t smell too hot either. If you’ve noticed that you have foul-tasting water and you’re trying to find a way to work around this, we’re here to help you with this. You won’t have to worry about much when you have adept professionals like ours by your side.

If you’ve been battling against foul-tasting water, then your next step should be to install a water filtration system in Las Vegas, NV. We want to help you with finding the right water filter, installing it, and providing further service for this unit as well. We’re here to handle any of your water filter needs.

Why Your Water Tastes Funky

Let’s talk about why this is happening. Your water might taste a little funny for a few reasons. We’re going to break it down by scent:

Rotten Egg Smell

Okay, so this is a scent, but taste and smell are so intimately intertwined that we wanted to start with this. A rotten egg smell is a clear sign that you’re having issues with hydrogen sulfide.

Water can start to absorb hydrogen sulfide as it passes through the ground. The problem arises when a gas turns into sulfur. If you’ve noticed a problem with a rotten egg smell, then it’s worthwhile to contact a professional to get rid of this problem in your home.


You take a sip of your water and it tastes like… coins. This is odd. This is something that you’re bound to notice right away. When it happens on a small scale, it’s easy to convince yourself that you could power through a problem like this. In most cases, it’s more of a taste concern than a health concern too.

The key phrase that you need to remember here is “in most cases.” If this is a persistent issue, you should get in touch with one of our team members. We’re the only ones who can make sure that you’re still safe and that things are moving along with ease.


Chlorine is part of the process of cleansing your water. Chlorine is used to disinfect water at the municipal level. It’s not completely abnormal to taste chlorine in your home’s water, but it is a problem when it occurs. It serves no purpose once it reaches your taps. If you’re tasting chlorine on your end, you’re going to need one of our professionals to come out and fix things.

What You Can Do

If you’re tired of your funny-tasting water, you should schedule an appointment with our team members. We recommend adopting a water treatment system. There are different types of water systems you can choose from. We mentioned water filtration systems at the top of the article, and we recommend those across the board. We’re ready to help you with exactly what you need.

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