Plumbing issues can be more than just stressful. They can be the culmination of years of neglect on a home’s plumbing system to the point where you’re sweating bullets as you realize that an expensive fix is coming up. From burst pipes, to clogged sewers and drains, a lot of preventative maintenance is necessary to keep your home running in good shape.

Thankfully, our team is here to help! When it comes to Las Vegas sewer services, we’re the pros and we know what a good sewer system looks like. We also know how a bad sewer system can become like that, so we’re going to give you some tips that can ease the burden on your plumbing system and increase the chances that you don’t need our help for your sewer system.

Ready to save some money and feel better about your sewer system? Great! Then keep reading.

  1. Invest in Maintenance

    Maintenance can be a wonderful way of mitigating plumbing problems, especially in your sewer system, before they happen. When you sign up for maintenance, one of our certified plumbing professionals can take a look at your sewer system and the rest of your plumbing appliances, and let you know the condition of each.

    They’ll tell you if anything seems odd or if any repairs should be made. This is the most comprehensive thing you can do right now for your plumbing system!

  2. Use a Mesh Screen

    Mesh screens—when used in sinks and other drains—will catch problematic things that usually clog your drains or cause backups in your sewer.

    You can ease the burden on your sewer by catching some of these particles before they enter the system with the help of a mesh screen. Seriously, try one out and see just how much it catches and stops from entering your drain!

  3. Get Your Sewer Cleaned

    Sewer cleaning is one of those valuable services that homeowners don’t often want until it’s a little bit too late. Why not invest in a regular amount of sewer cleaning as a preventative measure to keep your home’s plumbing running smoothly?

    Call our team to see how often you should have your sewer cleaned since this might change depending on the material of your sewer system and how old your home is.

  4. Upgrade Your Plumbing System

    If you’re dealing with the same faulty plumbing or sewer system year after year, then it’s time for an upgrade. Your sewer is something you use every day, and if it’s driving you crazy or causing you problems, then it would be quite a good investment to have it upgraded to a better sewer system.

    Replace pipes, drains, and other components so you can feel more comfortable in your home.

  5. Take Notes!

    Take vigorous notes about what you like and what you don’t like about your plumbing and sewer system. Believe it or not, this helps plumbers when they’re trying to come up with a solution that will make you happy. If something is bothering you, be sure to let us know!

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