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Furnace Services in Las Vegas, NV

During Las Vegas’s cold months, there’s nothing more valuable than our furnaces. Furnaces are one of the most popular heating systems, used in just about every part of the nation. They’re inexpensive, available in different fuel sources, and—most of all—reliable! At Bumble Breeze, we only install equipment for residents that can fulfill that promise. You can count on us for all furnace services, including repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance.

We’re a company that takes great pride in our involvement with the community. In return, we only want to provide residents of Las Vegas and the surrounding areas with quality services and at the most affordable prices. We also go the extra mile in offering some of the best warranties and guarantees you’ll get from an HVAC contractor, including a 1-year warranty on all services.

We’re available 24/7 to answer your questions or schedule appointments. Contact us today for furnace services in Las Vegas! Just give us a buzz!

Furnace Replacement in Las Vegas, NV

It’s not often that we use our furnaces in Las Vegas, but that just makes it all the easier for them to be taken for granted. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to forget about the condition of their furnaces entirely and to just keep running them year after year. It’s important to monitor their performance, otherwise, they can become dangerous or inefficient. When your furnace’s performance declines beyond repair, we can be there to replace it.

Call Our Team for Furnace Installations in Las Vegas

Furnaces create warm air through a heat exchanger, and then they transport that air through your home with the help of a fan and a set of ducts. This method of heating is effective and fast, and it has been used in home for decades. However, this heating can be achieved with two different fuel types:

  • Natural Gas Furnace: Gas furnaces are the most popular choice for furnaces. That’s because natural gas happens to be very inexpensive. However, not everyone is comfortable using this flammable substance for their homes.
  • Electric Furnaces: For those who want a cleaner fuel source or prefer not to use natural gas, they can opt for an electric furnace instead. While these systems are actually more efficient than gas furnaces, the fact is that electricity can be more expensive to operate.

There are major pros and cons to each fuel type. In order to tell you which one works best for your home, it requires an assessment of your comfort expectations, your budget, and other personal factors.

The Las Vegas HVAC Experts for All Your Furnace Services

The key to keeping your furnace running well and running for a long time is prompt repairs and regular maintenance. At the earliest sign of a malfunction within your furnace, you should give Bumble Breeze a buzz so we can send over our professionals. We’ll also be happy to set up a maintenance schedule with you so that we can keep it running smoothly—this is especially important for gas furnaces. Contact us today for any of your furnace needs or to request an estimate on furnace installations in Las Vegas and the surrounding area.