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Evaporative Coolers in Las Vegas, NV

With Nevada’s dry and hot climate, there’s no air conditioner more fitting than the evaporative cooler. Also sometimes known as the “swamp cooler,” these systems can actively add moisture to the air, thus helping increase indoor humidity to more comfortable levels. Whether you’ve just heard about these systems for the first time or if your current system needs repairs or replacement, you can count on Bumble Breeze: the expert of evaporative cooler system installations and repair services.

We’re a family-owned and operated business with roots here in Las Vegas. Above all else, our goals are to provide Nevada residents with quality work at the most affordable prices. We also make it difficult for you to refuse our services, with guarantees and warranties that you won’t find anywhere else like our 1-year warranty on all services. Count on us for all of your evaporative cooler system repair and installation needs.

Contact us today to schedule air conditioning services in Las Vegas and the surrounding area. Just give us a buzz!

Is an Evaporative Cooler Right for My Home?

Your average central air conditioner or heat pump draws warm air out of the home with refrigerant. While this process is effective and efficient, it doesn’t do anything for dry air. That’s where an evaporative cooler makes all the difference. These systems use the evaporation of water to cool your home, instead. If you’ve ever walked past a fountain on a windy day and felt the cool, damp breeze, you can imagine how these coolers feel.

What’s great about these systems is that they’re relatively low-maintenance. First, they use a pump to circulate water from a reservoir and onto a cooling pad. Hot air is pulled through the saturated pad by a fan, and the air is cooled significantly. The cooled air is then blown through the house. Not only is this process much simpler than that used by refrigerant-based systems, but it even uses less energy. To get started, contact our team for evaporative cooler installation or replacement in Las Vegas and the surrounding area.

Your Local Professionals for Evaporative Cooler System Maintenance and Repairs

Other states in the nation don’t commonly need these systems, but for dry and arid climates like ours, the evaporative cooler is a perfect fit. Of course, the only way you can enjoy this system to its maximum potential is with regular evaporative cooler system maintenance.

Fortunately, these systems have far fewer moving parts than your average refrigerant-based air conditioner. Evaporative cooler system repair and maintenance issues typically involve replacing the cooling pad or the pump, in addition to normal duties like inspecting and cleaning air ducts.

If you feel that your evaporative cooler is no longer blowing cool air like it used to, or if you’re experiencing other problems with its performance, it’s best to call in for AC repairs ASAP instead of hoping the problem will go away. The longer you use a broken system, the more damage it can incur. To learn more about our Las Vegas AC repair services, contact our team today.

Evaporative Cooler System Installation and Replacement Experts in Las Vegas

What’s the best way to ensure your evaporative cooler functions properly? Simply by having it installed by a professional! Our service professionals are fully certified and licensed to perform a full-range of HVAC services, from installation to repair. Or, if you already own one of these systems and it has begun to decline due to age, it might be time for evaporative cooler system replacement. Bumble Breeze can take a look and find out for you. Contact our team today to request an estimate on evaporative cooler installation services in Las Vegas and the surrounding area.