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Commercial HVAC Services in Las Vegas, NV

It’s one thing to run a business. It’s another thing to maintain that business’ HVAC system! The comfort and health of your employees and customers depends on the condition of your commercial HVAC system. Not only that, but you’ll want to make sure that it’s running as efficiently as possible in order to minimize costs. We understand that running your business is your full-time job, so you can depend on us to run your commercial HVAC system, because that’s our full-time job.

Bumble Breeze can help with all of your commercial HVAC systems. We can install, maintain, and replace commercial heating and cooling units, as well as keep your indoor air quality systems in check. We only employ service professionals who are fully-licensed, certified, and capable of performing services within building and safety codes. Plus, you can rest assured that all of our services are backed with a 1-year warranty, meaning you’re getting a completely risk-free service.

Contact us today to schedule an estimate for commercial HVAC services in Las Vegas. Just give us a buzz.

Every Business Needs Commercial Air Conditioning Services

Can you imagine trying to work in a hot and dry building? Neither can your employees! Nothing will wear down your business’s productivity and morale quicker than a broken or non-existent air conditioning system. A commercial air conditioning system isn’t just a luxury or convenience—your employees depend on it, and your customers expect it.

We can perform a full-range of repair and maintenance services on your commercial cooling systems and keep your system running efficiently throughout the entire season.

Don’t Forget Commercial Heating Systems, Too

Commercial heating is just as necessary for a business, even here in Las Vegas where weather is typically warmer. You can’t ignore your building’s needs for comfort during the winter months, no matter how short they might be.

Fortunately, you can get both heating and cooling through the installation of packaged rooftop units. These units are heat pumps, meaning the heating and cooling functions are built into the same system. Not only does this make installation easier, but it also makes repairs and maintenance more convenient.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Is Essential for Health and Safety

Of course, heating and cooling are just one half of the comfort equation. Good air quality is essential in commercial buildings, where contaminants can spread between people, from industrial supplies and equipment, and simply due to a lack of fresh air.

There are many air quality products on the market, but we install and service the ones that are most essential to businesses across Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. Without maintaining commercial indoor air quality, you risk exposing employees, tenants, and customers to health issues and illnesses that can affect them in both the short-term and the long-term.

The Commercial HVAC Experts in Las Vegas, NV

Commercial HVAC systems require no less than professional attention. Fortunately for you, Bumble Breeze has fully licensed and qualified experts on hand. We’re also available 24/7 for any emergency repair issues. We’ll work to make your systems run efficiently, effectively, and according to all building and safety codes. Give us a buzz today and we’ll help you get started!