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Commercial Heating Services in Las Vegas, NV

Even if Las Vegas doesn’t always have the coldest winters, there’s no reason your commercial property shouldn’t have a fully functional commercial heater. It’s not just a necessity, but an expectation, that your property can effectively maintain indoor temperatures. We can help it do that with the installation, repair, or maintenance of commercial heaters.

Bumble Breeze is a family-owned and operated business here in Las Vegas that knows more than a thing or two about commercial heaters. We pride ourselves on our involvement with the community, and that includes business and property owners. For them, HVAC systems are more than just a luxury! You can start with us completely risk-free, as we offer a 1-year warranty on all of our services.

Just give us a buzz to schedule a commercial heating service in Las Vegas and the surrounding area. 

Commercial Heating Installation & Replacement

There are several different types of heaters on the market. You might find that a simple rooftop unit, equipped with both heating and cooling functions, is just what you need. Or, you might be interested in a dedicated heating system that you only need to worry about maintaining during the brief winters. Either way, our service professionals can help you find exactly what you need and install it for you.

In the event that your current commercial heater is no longer heating the space effectively, it might be time for replacement. It’s important to have your heater replaced sooner than later. For one, an early replacement means you won’t need to spend unnecessary amounts of money on heating costs. And second, you don’t want the heater to break down during the worst possible time. A proactive inspection of the system can help us determine if replacement is the best decision for your aged heating system.

Commercial Heater Repair and Maintenance

A commercial heater is a machine, and like any machine, it’s going to run into some problems. More than 85% of them can be prevented with regular maintenance, but when you encounter that 15%, you’re going to need the help of a prompt and professional heating repair service. Even small heating problems will get substantially worse over time, so it’s essential to have them fixed as soon as possible.

Signs of a repair problem include rising heating bills, uneven heating throughout the building, and strange noises coming from the HVAC unit. Let us know at the earliest sign of an issue so that we can provide our opinion and, if necessary, rush out for repairs. We also offer 24/7 emergency services for those urgent repair needs, such as a complete breakdown.

The Experts of All Things Commercial Heating in Las Vegas, NV

At Bumble Breeze, we only employ service professionals who are background-checked and drug-tested. They’re also fully licensed, certified, and well-versed in building and safety codes. In providing commercial services, our goal isn’t just to maintain your HVAC systems, but to relieve you of the burden of any HVAC-related services in your business. We can schedule an appointment for you, all you have to do is give us a buzz!