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Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning in Las Vegas, NV

Hot Water vs. Cold Water Jetting

The drain and sewer system in your Las Vegas, NV home is vital to the functionality and hygiene of your plumbing system. The drains are often underappreciated and while they are a bit of an unsung hero, it’s important that you take proper care of them. One of the ways to do this is to schedule professional hydro jetting services!

Hydro jetting is a drain cleaning method that our professional plumbers use to get rid of messes sticking to the lining of your pipes. Using a hydro jetter, also known as a water jetter, could eliminate major blockages, and prevent future clogs from occurring. Keep your piping in great condition by calling on Bumble Breeze.

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What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is when our plumbers use a long, thin hose with a nozzle on the end of it that sprays water out at a high pressure–not just straight ahead but omnidirectionally. Our professionals will feed this hose through your drain and sewer line from a convenient entry point, and as we feed it down, it pulls out residue that is stuck to the lining of your drain and sewer pipes.

This reside can include things like hair, food particles, and a lot of other different types of waste. When hydro jetting is done, you’ll be left with clean pipes and less of a chance of clogs forming in the future. It’s worth noting, that hot water jetting is convenient for some clogs, while cold water is best for others.

Why You Should Consider Hot Water Jetting

Using a hot water jetter helps break down grease better. A sewer jetter or drain jetter with hot water is best for kitchen sink drains–where you’re likely to have FOG (fats, oils, and grease) stuck to the inside of your drain pipes.

Now, there is a way to prevent this type of drain clog–FOG should be allowed to cool in a container and disposed of, instead of being poured down your drain. But if your kitchen sink has already suffered from this problem, then we have the solution.

Cold Water Drain and Sewer Jetters

A cold water drain and sewer jetter is great for breaking through clogs. While a hot water jetter will be very effective at peeling away residue stuck to the sides of your drain pipes, a cold water jetter is perfect for busting through things like built-up hair and waste in other plumbing fixtures.

Be sure that for any of your hydro jetting services, you only trust trained and qualified plumbers. Going without and trying to DIY your drain cleaning or hydro jetting could leave you with damaged pipes, and an ineffective solution. At Bumble Breeze, we provide comprehensive plumbing services to make sure that all your pipes stay in great condition. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions you might have, and schedule hydro jetting services!