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How to Know if Your Heater Is Powerful Enough for Your Home


Have you ever wondered if your heater is powerful enough for your home? If your heater doesn’t ever seem to reach your desired temperature or takes forever to do so, heater size may very well be the problem. Maybe you bought a home with an existing heater that is giving you doubts. Or maybe you had a heater installed more than a decade ago and you have concerns about whether it can keep up with your desired comfort level.

Your heating needs can change and over time your heater will lose efficiency. It’s very possible that your heater can no longer keep up with your heating needs. If you need heating service in Las Vegas, give our team of experts a call. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about heater size so you can get an idea of whether your particular system is right for your home or not. 

Calculating Heater Size

There is a precise calculation for identifying how big a heater needs to be for your home. It starts with your overall square footage and then takes into account the climate zone that you live in. The calculation offers you a heater size range.

A heater that is at the low end of that range can struggle to keep up with heating your home. However, a heater that is too large can also struggle to heat your home. The problem with a bigger heater is that it heats your home too quickly and ends up turning on and off more frequently, leading to more wear and tear on the system. 

Ideally, you want to have the just-right size that is perfect for your home and family. Since there is a wide range based on square footage and climate zones, you definitely want to have an expert assess your home. Our team can offer a customized recommendation based on your home’s layout and your specific heating needs. 

Identifying Heater Size Problems

Aside from your heater turning on and off more frequently, there will also be other signs that your heater is the wrong size for your home. It could be that it never feels like your home reaches your desired temperature. You may try to make up for this by setting the thermostat higher to compensate for the lack of heat. Unfortunately, with a heater that is the wrong size, this will not work. 

But it’s also possible that you have a single room that gets significantly warmer or stays cooler than the other rooms. When this happens, your heater is not able to heat your rooms consistently. You will also want to pay close attention to your energy bills, keeping an eye out for sharp increases. If you notice your energy bills increasing at a steep rate, your heater may be to blame and not rising fuel costs. This system may be working harder to heat your home without achieving the results you want. 

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